Friday, March 21, 2008

Fear Of Public Speaking?

I once read that the word “fear” is an acronym for “forget everything and run.” Not much help if you are speaking in public.

Fear is not in the vocabulary of an outstanding presenter. If the thought of speaking in public causes a few goose bumps, then you are not alone. A normal physical reaction to speaking in public is the release of adrenaline. Ironically, this is just what you need to deliver an outstanding presentation.

You can learn to release this magnificent natural chemical in beneficial ways. Start by replacing the word “fear” with the word “excitement.” Learn to channel this energy into enthusiasm and passion. This is a mental game that you can win!

A few practical tips to help manage adrenaline:

1. Stay active prior to your presentation. Stand in the back of the room until you are introduced. This gives you an opportunity to walk to the front and release some excess adrenaline.
2. Increase the volume of your voice (without shouting). This helps to release excess energy, and it makes you sound more confident.
3. Come out from behind lecterns and podiums. Unlock your arms/hands and use gestures that match your words.

Most of all, REPLACE the word "FEAR" with the word "EXCITEMENT." You will be amazed with your results!

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