Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prepare Before You Wear Spandex In Public

In my battle to lose some weight, I started biking to the gym. It's a few miles each way and seems to be helping. I follow a bike path the entire distance and encounter many other bikers. I'm amazed at how many of them wear spandex pants. There is a size for everyone. I'll bet the wearers think they look okay, and they probably even have a friend or two who tells them so. I think wearing spandex in public should be reserved for the actual "cyclists" who have spent some time preparing by getting in shape.

Same goes for the presenter. (Oh yes, there is a connection here...stay with me.) Frequently, I encounter folks who say that they don't rehearse before they speak in public. They think they do okay, and they also have a friend or two who tells them so. Yet, these people would do so much better with some preparation. That's what separates the actual "presenter" from the amateur who talks in public.

So, if you want to be a good presenter, prepare before you put on the spandex in public.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Start By Setting Your Goal

Having a hard time creating your presentation? Always, always, always start by setting your goal for the presentation. What do you want your audience to think, feel, or do differently after your presentation? Spend a little time on this. Once you get this down,the rest falls into place. Be specific. Simply wanting your audience to "know it" will not do. If they know it, then what? Be precise.

This may be common sense, but not common practice. Thoughts?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

JFK and PowerPoint?

Who do you consider to be the best presenters of all time? When I ask this question in my presentation workshops, common responses include: Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Barbara Jordan, Ronald Reagan, Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, Douglas MacArthur, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Tony Robbins, Carly Fiorina (add your favorite here).

Now, for the big question: Do you recall any of their PowerPoint slides?

I rest my case...however, I do appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Social Media Phenom

I attended a powerful seminar last week called the "Power of Social Media for Small Business" (thanks Cbeyond/Cisco!). Now I am a true believer! I'll do my best to continue offering interesting and valuable information related to presentation skills and public speaking.