Monday, April 14, 2008

Presenter’s Creed

One way to manage your adrenaline rush before your presentation is through mind exercises, or in other words, positive self-talk. Before you stand to present, try saying the following to yourself.

“I am about to give this group a gift – one from which they will benefit. They will be better off for receiving this gift, and they will thank me for giving it to them. I am glad I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with them.”

I'm not sure who originally wrote this, however, thanks! Sure beats worrying about my zipper being down.

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Terry Gault said...

I always tell my clients to use creative visualization before a presentation. This is a great way to get the presenter in the zone and to calm nerves.

Fear stems from the unconscious repetitive thoughts and feelings about failing. The key to successful visualizations is simultaneously feeling positive emotions attached to images that you see. Imagine the room in which you will present. Feel the empowering sense that this could be your break-through moment. This could be when you reach to a higher level than you ever thought possible. Imagine yourself now in front of the audience facing them, looking calmly and intently into their faces. Take a big breath and feel relaxation welling-up within you. Imagine giving the EXACT kind of presentation you want – however that looks, sounds and feels to you. When you are done imagining yourself delivering your presentation, hear in your mind’s ear the enthusiastic applause of your audience. See faces that are pleased, moved and touched by what you’ve done. See others seeking you out, shaking your hand, congratulating you on your performance. For as long as possible, keep experiencing that feeling of triumphal success. Repeat this process as many times as possible.

Thanks for the food for thought!