Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Value of Feedback

The Scottish poet Robert Burns asked the Almighty for the power to “See ourselves as others see us.” He did not get that wish, and neither will we. Nonetheless, we still wish we had that power to stand back and watch ourselves as we go through life. We would love to see our performances as others do.

Critique becomes easier with video and audio recording technology. Whenever possible, record your presentation for your private review. We are our own best critics and often pick out our distracting habits. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be sure to acknowledge your good habits too.

Become comfortable asking your trusted advisors and friends to provide honest critiques of habits that distract attention away from your message. This is valuable throughout your career. No matter how good you are, over time, bad habits can sneak in. You can become too fond of your own voice and forget how to stop talking after you have made your point. (I'm guilty!)

Don’t let criticism scare you. 
Ask people who demonstrate good judgment to observe your rehearsal. Continuous feedback and coaching are required to grow in any endeavored. 

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Fred E. Miller said...

Good points here.

Someone said, "The road to perfection never ends."

The best athletes have personal coaches.

Always learn from each presentation and make the next one better!